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What are Led Mirrors?

Led Mirrors are one of the most popular mirrors and decoration tools nowadays. 

Usually installed in bathrooms or poorly illuminated places and small places, Led mirrors give a subtle but sufficient light that makes it easier to shave, apply makeup or do whatever it is that requires a well-lit reflection. 

By using Led Lights, our mirrors create a soft glow which can be a standout light source and at the same time, give a relaxing ambience. 

led mirror decoration.jpg

Led Mirrors offer exceptional lighting for vanities, dressing rooms and hallways. 

They Truly Look Amazing

Lights hanging over your mirror can be a bit of an eye sore. for regular mirrors it´s a necessity to have, but they take valuable space and are not so aesthetics. 

Led Mirrors solve this problem while their subtle lights and designs make the mirror stand out creating a sense of depth, ideal for even small spaces, making them look bigger, interesting and beautiful. 

Lighted Mirrors are also sleek and provide modern aesthetic to your spaces, even making them look luxury. 

led lighted mirror design.jpg

Lighted Mirrors are thinner, compact, having more mirror surface than old mirrors, our new designs create the fancy modern look every one is looking for. 

True Lighting

True Makeup

True Beauty

Using CRI 90+ led strips on these mirrors, we create the perfect brightness for applying makeup, shaving, grooming and more. Keeping the colors closer to the actual tone outdoors. 


The Led Lighting used in backlit mirrors isavailable with warm or cool temperatures to complement your complexion. 

Led Mirrors give you the right light

In Led Mirrors the light source is just in front of you, eliminating all shadows. 

Regular lighting fixtures often create shadows on your face, making it difficult to see yourself fully illuminated. 

Led Mirrors provide full illumination and highlights your entire face with clear, even light. 

Avoid difficulties of changing bulbs

regular light bulbs have a lifespan of only 1,200 hours. while the Led Mirrors come equipped with 50,000 hours of use chips. that's almost 42 light bulbs. 

You can also help reduce the enviromental wastes electricity produces, by contributing less of your carbon footprint. 

Energy Efficient

By using Led Lighting, you can save more by spending less on your monthly utility bills. 

brightness comparison.jpg

CRI 90+

Yoway Mirror

Other Mirrors

light source.jpg

Yoway Mirror Set up

led chip.jpg

Yoway Mirror Led Chips

  • Brighter

  • Safe for use

  • Longer lifespan

  • Adjustable Temperature

  • Adjustable brightness

  • Average cost for 6 years : US$0

Conventional  Mirror Set up

Conventional light

  • Less bright

  • Create Heat

  • less lifespan

  • Troublesome installation and replacement.

  • Average cost for 6 years : US$100

enrivomental friendly product

It's not just a Mirror...

Enjoy from a Series of functions included on the box. 

Led Mirrors are versatile, luxury and a precious piece of Technology. 

Touch screen mirror.jpg


power switch.png

Lights on!

Use the switch button in your mirror to enlight your room and get ready to makeup. Single press will turn on/off the light. 

Hold press the switch button for other functions such as dim the light or change light temperature. **

Touch switc
defogger button.png

No more foggy mirrors!

Use the Demister switch before taking a shower, it will warmup the surface of your mirror clearing up the fog, the mirror is always ready for you!

defogger off make up mirror
defogger on make up mirror

Conventional Mirror

Yoway Led Mirror

bluetooth button.png

Feel the vibe!

Start your day with the best tunes, link your smartphone and play all the music you want while taking shower, do makeup or shave!

Be Part of Innovation

Your New Mirror Smarter

Enjoy from more than a thousand different applications in your Smart Mirror, by using the latest technology in glass and electronics, we create the Yoway Smart Mirror. 

Capable of download almost any application from your Google play store, your smart mirror eases your life in many ways!


- Read Emails

- Enjoy all social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,         etc. 

- Browse the web. 

- Have an special question or requirement? Just ask google                 assistant! 

- Control all your IoT gadgets from your mirror!

Yoway Smart Mirror comes to make your life easier, enhance your productivity and save time for yourself. 

Learn more!

yoway smart mirror banner.jpg
Your Mirror Smart.jpg
google play compatible.png
android nougat logo.jpg

Android Nougat



Download the pdf catalogue and wonder yourself with hundreds of designs. 


Contact our sales team and get the details for your dealership. 

Are you distributor? 

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