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Rounded Mirrors Series

By Yoway Mirrors

Make your space comfortable

Rounded means relax, comfort, ease.


Yoway Rounded Mirrors are a series of delicate, armonious and well crafted designs specially made for those who look for relaxing ambients. 

Enjoy and see the designs available. 


The perfect light temperature

Higher Brightness Led Strips.

Using CRI90+ led Strips, Yoway Mirrors lights up like no other mirror on the market. 

Rounded designs take all the advantage of these, y having a increased light surface for strips and also an armonious glow effect. 

Custom dimmable light temperature for our Pro Models are also available, giving a warmer effect and also making them flexible to your mood and use. 

The Extra light you need

Common rooms have their lights in the top, which is not the best position when it comes to look at yourself in the mirror, either to makeup, shave or give yourself the final touch. 

With Yoway Rounded Mirror Series, you will always have the right lighting just in front of you. 


No more shadows when looking at the mirror! 

Backlit Mirror round relaxing decoration
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The best option for quick renovation.  

YM-31 is quite popular due to it's compact size and balanced amount of light. 

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Bold looks for modern decoration. 

YM-34 frosted cut outs and sleek mirror lines on the borders makes it look incredible on any bathroom.

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The complete round mirror.  

​YM-42 round designs fits perfectly in almost any mid size vanity. 

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Elegant and luxury

YM-37 gives a glow effect of light while it's thin and elegant lines between the frosted edges makes it a luxury model to choose.

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Genuinely Marvelous

YM-71 oval shape gives higher mirror surface and at the same time a pleasing amount of light.  


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Classic style 

Modern brightness

YM-72 classic backlit mirror design has thicker frosted edges to deliver higher brightness. 

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Download the pdf catalogue and wonder yourself with hundreds of designs. 

Are you distributor? 

Contact our sales team and get the details for your dealership. 


Innovate means to be different, bold, and become better, that's what we look in every mirror we manufacture. 


We want our customers to feel that Looking at the mirror will never be the same... 


Yoway Led Mirrors come to change the concept of lighting in decoration, taking the traditional mirror concept and

perfecting it, using the best materials to give style and functionality. 


Your Mirrors will not be just a surface of reflection anymore.. 

Why change your Mirror to LED?

Regular plain mirrors are already too outdated, and most of them get rusted very easily, plus they don't illuminate properly. 


Lighted Mirrors are cheaper, most of the times besides the mirror, you still need to have lights, and also need to regularly changing the bulbs which is a headache and also expensive. 


choosing LED MIRRORS

graphic benchmark engl.png

Led Mirrors are made to last longer, they save on electricity bills and you can choose from a wider variety of designs. 


Added functions in lighted mirrors can even save your time while keeping the mirror clean, help you take calls, listen to Music, Audiobooks, watch the time and much more!

What's the best type of Mirror?

Your Mirror is an everyday use tool, you look yourself everyday in the morning and every evening before going to bed, it's a vital part of our lives, having the right mirror can change the way you start the day and how you finish it also. 

For those who look for a better lighting to makeup, shave and clearer reflection, Lighted Mirrors are one of the best options, Lighted Mirrors designs are made to illuminate better the skin and create a better reflection. 

If you want to give your bathroom a softer glow effect, enhance decoration in your guest rooms and surprise your friends every time they step in your house with a modern look mirror, Backlit Mirrors are your best choice, on this mirrors the Led Light surrounds the mirror creating a relaxing glow and improving aesthetics. 

Looking to make your living room and other spaces look bigger? Dressing Mirrors will give the impression of bigger space, plus, you can use them as lamps and even stereos by including Bluetooth functions and clock for watching time!

For more relaxing ambients, Round Mirrors give a good amount of light while giving a sense of harmony, comfort and easy, all Round Mirrors are delicate and well crafted products specially made for those who look for a more relaxing atmosphere. 

Which Mirrors functions are better?

Traditional Mirrors were never so versatile as lighted mirrors, combining different technologies we give mirror a whole set of functionalities that will make you re-discover what a mirror can really do!

Touch Switch: control all your mirror lighting from a single button, turn it on/off , dim the light or even change the temperature, easy and efficient!

The Defogger: a single touch can clear up the mirror for you, forget about foggy mirrors after-shower. 

Bluetooth: enjoy your favorite music, listen to your favorite Audiobooks, receive calls while making up or shaving and even create a relaxing ambient while on the tub, with built-in high fidelity speakers, connect your Smartphone and enjoy!

Built-in Clock: arrive always on time, usually we loose perception of time while shaving or doing makeup, your mirror can also display the time, never be late again!

Weather Display: Have you ever forget your umbrella going out? wear too much clothes or very less ? Our Smart Display not only tells you the weather conditions, also the interior temperature and outside temperature, so be sure to be well prepared.

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