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Titanium Coating

The use of Titanium Coating in Glass gives reflection properties to the Glass, and at the same time, let us print a huge number of different designs and patterns with higher reflection. 

Titanium Coating Glass is well-known for it´s applications such us: 

- Doors decoration

- Windows decoration

- Shower Doors by giving enhance privacy at the same time. 

- Furniture Decoration

- Interior Decoration 

Mainly distributed to Hotels, Casinos, KTV, Clubs and projects for home appliances. 

The process of manufacturing can be divided on two, and also be customized, giving the posibility of firstly apply an Acid Etched layer on the glass, enhancing the privacy properties on this Glass, then using different patterns apply the Titanium Coating on the glass, having the final product. Other way is applying special treatment, so the Titanium Coating can be also tempered after we deliver it to our customers, in this way our customers can give beatiful designs for decoration and at the same time the best properties of Tempered Toughned Glass improving their wide range of use. 


Titanium Coating

  • Thickness:                                                     3mm/ 3.5mm/ 4mm/ 5mm/ 6mm/ 8mm. 

  • Glass:                                                            Clear/ Extra Clear/ Tinted Glass/ Acid Etched                                                                        Glass.

  • Size:                                                               1700x2000mm/ 1830x2440mm/                                                                                               1650x2200mm/1650x2134mm.  

  • Features: 

    •  Suitable for inside and outside walls, KTV, restaurant, shop, swimming pools, fountains and similar applications​.

    •  Resistant to fading, staining and discoloration, easy cleaning

    •  Acid-resistant and Alkali-resistant

    •  The tangible stereoscopic pattern will never fade

    •  Rich and colorful pattern design will never fade

    •  Perfect decorative effect

    •  Color and size can be customized

  • Appliances: 

    • Fixed and sliding partition

    • Windows and unfaced glazing

    • Shower and bath screen

    • Doors

    • Stair treads and floor panels

    • Furniture

    • Inside and outside walls

    • KTV

    • Restaurant

    • Shop

    • Swimming pools

Packing and Loading

After Quality inspection the glass is carefully assambled in Plywood Crates and labeled for Delivery, all Yushuo Glass products have it´s own label that Guarantee the Quality inspection was done and the order is according to the customer needs. 

Designs can be also customized and mixed in one container. 

design catalogues

Design Catalogues

Titanium Coating
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