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Printed Glass

Printed Glass or also called Silk Screened Glass is widely used in Decoration, giving the posibility to offer your clients customized designs printed on glass for their projects. 

Yushuo Glass factories can apply and use the latest machinery in digital printing, giving life to your designs and obtaining more vibrant and durable colors. 

The supply can be done in any size of pieces, for use in interior decoration, hotels, office and also as material for finished products including furniture. 

Contact our sales and get even more details about this amazing glass or check out our brochure to see the designs we have made. 


Printed Glass

Combining the best raw materials with high edge technology, we make durable and high quality Digital Printing Glass. The ceramic inks and the versatility of digital printing makes this glass suitable for a wide range of applications, proven to be beautiful and functional at the same time. 

  • Thickness:                                               4mm to 19mm. 

  • Minimum Size:                                      150x300mm.

  • Max. Size:                                               3000x8000mm. 

  • Processing:                                             ​Silk Screen Printed, Cut size, drill holes,                                                                      polished edge, laminated, tempered,                                                                            insulated, etc. 

Packing and Loading

During the manufacture process the glass is carefully handled by our staff, ensuring not to affect the quality of the final product, our warehouse is fully controlled and organized so your goods can be shipped faster, safer and without mistakes. 

The success of our customers depends on our success to deliver the best goods. 

design catalogues

Design Catalogues

Printed Glass
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