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Golden Coating

Brilliant Golden Designs

​Golden Coating Technology let us create and innovate with new designs, now with more than 20 different designs available!. 

The Golden Coating process gives the glass a two-side reflective effect printed on the different patterns we can produce. Combined with Acid Etched Technology we can enhance the privacy of different ambients. 


Golden Coating

  • Thickness:                                                     3mm/ 3.5mm/ 4mm/ 5mm/ 6mm/ 8mm. 

  • Glass:                                                            Clear/ Extra Clear/ Tinted Glass/ Acid Etched                                                                        Glass.

  • Size:                                                               1700x2000mm/ 1830x2440mm/                                                                                               1650x2200mm/1650x2134mm.  

  • Features: 

    •  Suitable for inside and outside walls, KTV, restaurant, shop, swimming pools, fountains and similar applications​.

    •  Resistant to fading, staining and discoloration, easy cleaning

    •  Acid-resistant and Alkali-resistant

    •  The tangible stereoscopic pattern will never fade

    •  Rich and colorful pattern design will never fade

    •  Perfect decorative effect

    •  Color and size can be customized

  • Appliances: 

    • Fixed and sliding partition

    • Windows and unfaced glazing

    • Shower and bath screen

    • Doors

    • Stair treads and floor panels

    • Furniture

    • Inside and outside walls

    • KTV

    • Restaurant

    • Shop

    • Swimming pools

Packing and Loading

design catalogues

Design Catalogues

Golden Coating
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