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Carved Glass

Carved Glass or also called sometimes Etched Glass is manufactured by going deeper into the normal Sandblasting process in glass, carving the surface of it and creating a different type of sculpture carving onto the glass surface. this means a three-dimensional sculpted images can be created by this method, leading to a higher quality, more aesthetic and unique type of decorative glass. 

Carved Glass techniques are very traditional, and have been used for a long time, our supply took this techniques to made a modern process on glass and improve the quality of carved designs, creating new beautiful and elegant textures for interior decoration, which can suit any market. 

Carved Glass is suitable for painting and many other types of processing techniques, giving even more flexibility to the decoration posibilities on this product. 

The Carved Glass products distributed by Yushuo Glass are strictly supervised and measured, ensuring the quality of the product is always stable. 


Carved Glass 

  • Thickness:                                                          3.8mm / 4mm / 4.5mm / 5mm up to                                                                                       19mm. 

  • Design:                                                               ​More than 10 different textures and                                                                                     designs available, custom designs can                                                                               also be made according to customer                                                                                   requirements. 

  • Size:                                                                   1830x2440mm / custom                                                                                                         size can be made according to                                                                                              customer needs. 

  • Elegible for processing:                                      Round edging, beveling edge,                                                                                              polishing, cut, lamination, insulation,                                                                                  etc. 

  • Delivery:                                                             15 days. 

  • Appliances:                                                        Partitions and interior decoration,                                                                                      Doors, Wall paneling, Shower Screens,                                                                              Windows, Glass paneling. 

Packing and Loading

Glass is carefully inspected before packing into plywood crates with paper between sheets. 

Crates are solid to protect the glass, size can change according to the glass size and customer specifications. 

design catalogues

Design Catalogues

Carved Glass
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