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Physical Ice Flower

Frosted Effects Designed on Glass 

The Physical Ice Flower Glass goes through a complex process of manufacturing to give it's unique frosted aesthetic look. Transforming a regular glass sheet into a modern and stylish new type of patterned glass. 

On the different designs, Physical Ice Flower Glass presents a lot of details, leaving also flakes of glass in the surface. 

This Glass can be produced on Tinted Glass, Clear, Extra Clear and even Mirrors. 


Physical Ice Flower

Thickness:                                    2.85mm up to 19mm. 

Min. Size:                                     170x100mm. 

Max. Size:                                    2500x1500mm. 

Regular Size:                               1650x2200mm/ 1830x2440mm. 

Glass:                                           Clear/ Extra Clear/ Tinted Glass. 

Packing and Loading

design catalogues

Design Catalogues

Physical Ice Flower
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