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Mosaic Glass

Mosaic Tiles decoration are the most versatile interior glass decoration available. Mixing different colors, technologies, and visual effects on every Glass Chip, mosaic enhances the entrances to different ambients, bathrooms and kitchens. 

Also well-known for it's use on swimming pools, spas and fountains, within both residential and commercial applications. This Glass is a great choice for creating new and contemporary styles. 

A Quality Probed Decorative Glass


Our Mosaic Glass supply uses the best resources and processing technologies in China to ensure products can fullfill every market standard. 

Our Glass quality supply means:

  • Glass has less stains.

  • High Temperature resistance. 

  • Better resistance to humid weather. 

  • Stays firm for longer time, avoid pieces to fall down. 

  • Dust Proof , easy to clean and washable


Mosaic Glass

  • Shape:                                                          Square, rectangle bricks. 

  • Sheet Size:                                                   12"x12”

  • Thickness:                                                     4-8mm. 

  • Joint:                                                              2mm. 

  • Glass:                                                             All our decorative glass options. 

  • Rows:                                                             18. 

  • Mounted on:                                                   Fiber Mesh. 

  • Appliances:                                                    Interior Kitchen plashback/ Bathroom                                                                          Tile/ Fire Place/ Walls/ Swimming                                                                                  pool/ Spa/ etc. ​

Packing and Loading

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Design Catalogues

Mosaic Glass
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