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Yushuo Group

Global Decoration Supply 

Yushuo Glass

Quality Guaranteed Products.

Our focus is to find the best solutions for our customers, developing new finished products in Mirrors and Glass all over the world. 

Yushuo Glass supply products for interior decoration, engineering projects and construction, following our customer requirements and needs from scratch till the end.

Yoway Furniture

Transforming peoples lifes.

Part of Yushuo Group, Yoway Furniture puts special focus in  Mirror and Glass solutions for hospitality and residential appliances. 

With the high quality supply of Yushuo Glass, and it's own R&D team, boundaries and new standards are set up. Giving the main focus to deliver high quality and competitive price products to reach everyone's lifes. 

Shandong Vista

Making your projects sustainable. 

Shandong vista main focus is giving innovative solutions for Hospitality and construction projects around the world. 

Taking the last technologies in glass and the best minds of our engineering team, we take projects from scratch till the end improving customers profits and reducing their budgets. 

Tradition in Decorative Products

History of Yushuo Group

After 2010 Mr. Aaron Tang, started it road of success in the Glass business. 

Born and raised in Tengzhou City, one of the biggest glass production cities in China, Aaron developed an extensive network of business and open the path for local factories to supply international markets such as Middle East, part of Asia and India by also introducing new decorative glass technologies. 

Between 2011 and 2014 Aaron's main focus was participating in glass exhibitions, identify the foreign market problems in distribution of glass and mirrors, help customers solve their problems, build long-term relationships with big suppliers and introduce new decorative products to different countries. 


After this four years of success in his carreer and with a solid strategy on how to help customers solve their problems, Aaron open it's own company, under the name of Yushuo Glass Technology Co. Ltd. now one of the most reputable decoration suppliers in many regions in the world. From there the company begun a fast development, supplying mirrors all over the globe and bringing new technologies in glass to clients. 

Due to the need of helping our customers solve their problems with ease, and understand better their demands, from 2016 Yushuo Glass update it's roaster including foreign international members for every key market such as Middle East, India and Latin America. 

With the mindset of develop healthy and sustainable innovations  for our customers, Yushuo Group will continue it's professional work and development to changes people's life and improve it's manufacturing process to make technologies in furniture available for everyone. 

Yushuo Glass CEO.jpg
Mr. Aaron Tang
Yushuo Glass Technology Co. Ltd. 

The Yushuo Supply 

All Yushuo Glass products have authentification certificate probe of our quality standard, you can look for them in every product which contains the authenticity label of “Quality Guaranteed Mirrors by Yushuo Glass“ 

Before packing every piece and during the production our QC team controls the quality in the factory, reducing any risk for our customers and ensuring stable quality in their orders. 

Yoway is Yushuo Group Led Mirror and glass furniture brand. It's most remarkable product are Smart Mirrors with special emphasis in quality and luxury finish, Yoway Mirrors are made with the latest technologies in glass available and stands as one of the best mirrors to get now on the market. 

Find out more about Yoway Mirrors here..


Shandong Vista is Yushuo Group engineering and project division, our special team takes part of hospitality, residential and commercial projects from scratch to give customers the best solutions at an affordable price, by letting project be manufactured by Shandong Vista, customers can save up to 40% on their budgets. 


Learn more about Shandong Vista Projects here.. 

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